Avoid Common Mistakes With Chia Seeds

Due to the many wonderful things you have heard about them, you may be eager to buy chia seeds. However, you need to be very careful with that process so you can avoid common mistakes. There are products out there that lack overall quality and some are merely a scam to get your money due to the demand for this type of super food product.

Volume and Pricing

Generally speaking, the more volume you seek when you buy chia seeds, the lower price you will pay. It is a good idea to get into the habit of using the product daily for optimum health results. You can sprinkle it on food, add it to drinks, or even put it into your desserts. They don’t have a taste so they aren’t going to alter any flavours you are already used to.

Why not buy enough of it to use a month at a time? When you have it readily available on your kitchen, you will be more inclined to remember to use it. Compare the prices and also take the overall quality into consideration. This will help you to decide which product to buy and what you should bypass.


While it is tasteless, many people do notice it is in a given product due to the texture. Not everyone is a fan and that can be a problem when you buy chia seeds. If you or your household members aren’t fond of the product in gels or puddings because they are smooth, use them in something else. You may prefer to put them in salads, side dishes, and even mix them with meat.

Changing the types of foods you mix them with will help you with any texture issues. You can also blend them well to make smoothies or a spread so you don’t have to deal with that texture. If you buy chia seeds and someone complains about them, changing how you use them will result in them often consuming them with detection.

Poor Food Choices

One of the reasons why people buy chia seeds is to eat healthier and to feel better. There is plenty of fiber in them. However, having them doesn’t give you an excuse to make poor food choices. Eating processed foods and those high in sugary isn’t good for your body. Adding this product to them isn’t going to change that!

Adding a few to a glass of water can help you to feel fuller with less food at a meal. It can also be a great option between meals when you have already had a snack but still don’t feel satisfied. Plan your meals and when you will use them so you can be prepared for a busy schedule and upcoming events.

Gradually Introduce them

Don’t overdo it when you buy chia seeds, give your body time to adjust. You may be on a quest to make plenty of great changes to your lifestyle. You need to start out with a small amount of the product daily. Allow your body plenty of time to get used to them and then you can add more over time to your daily intake.

If you don’t have much fiber in your diet right now, adding too many of the seeds will give you an excessive amount of fiber your body isn’t used to. When you consume too much fiber at once after so little, it can cause some discomfort within your digestive system. When you gradually introduce the increase, your body will accept it and you won’t experience harsh side effects.

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